Monocular Occlusion-Based Video Segmentation

with: Ahmad Humayun

This project altered the state-of-the-art video segmentation by providing pixel-wise occlusion probabilities as a cue in the oversegmentation stage. We evaluate our algorithm by comparing to both the original video segmentation and the Depth-Based Hierarchical Video Segmentation project also mentioned on this page. (pdf)

Embedded Human Projector Pong

with: Shruti Bhagat, Sohil Mehta, and Priti Marappan

During my first semester as a graduate student, I worked on a human-interactive projector pong-like game. Using a simple handheld blue LED, players stand in front of a webcam/projector set-up and control their paddles in the game according to the location of the LED. The system was deployed on an embedded system with a micro-projector to allow for mobile gameplay wherever a power outlet exists. (site)

Automated Security System for Boat Owners

with: David Salazar, Rohit Sahay, Ramsey Baker, and Kunal Parbadia

For my final semester of my undergraduate work at Georgia Tech, I worked on a luxury yacht surveillance and monitoring system. Essentially, the system utilizes an iPhone application that notifies the user when any type of motion has been detected in the boat’s cabin or if flooding has been detected in the boat’s hull. This system can be remotely controlled and requires no human interaction once initially configured. (pdf)